Stable, Yard & Field

Here at Tower Farm Saddlers we are proud to have an extensive range of equine, pet and small holder feed and bedding. We have extremely knowledgeable staff who are able to advice on which would be the best feed for your animal and the most suitable bedding for your situation.

Please follow the link below to see our range and our prices.

Unbeatable Equine & Pet Feed and Bedding Prices! (Rugby only)

We also stock a large range of stable and field equipment from feed buckets to electric fence energisers. Please see below for the brands we stock.


Horse and pony

Allan and Page, Blue Chip, Dodson and Horrell, Top Spec, Spillers, Baileys, Dengie, Heygates, Winergy, Mollichaff, Pegasus and many more. We also stock straight feeds such as Oats, Barley, Sugar Beet and Bran. And don’t forget our small baled hay and Marksway HorseHage.




Chudley’s, James Wellbeloved, Arden Grange, Bucktons, Spillers, Skinners and many more.


Small Holder

Allan and Page, BOCM, Heygates

 small holder_logo_animals


Easibed, Megazorb, Bedmax, Littlemax, Aubiose, Snowflake, Arden Safemix, BedSoft Bio, Flax-Hippofan, Nedz bedz original, Paper, cardboard and straw.



Dodson and Horrell, Equine America, Farriers Formula, NAF, Feel Good 30, Global Herbs, Gold Label, Horse First, Top Spec, Codlivine and many more.

Unbeatable Supplement Prices! (Earls Barton only)


Grooming products and applications.

Cottage Craft, Shires, Roma, Barrier, Carr Day and Martin, Day Son and Hewitt, Kevin Bacon,Global Herbs, Gold Label, Hypdrophane, Lincoln, NAF, Supreme Products, Absorbine, Net-Tex, Effol, Fly Away and many more.


Clippers and Trimmers

Lister, Liveryman, Wolsey,Walh.


Stable fixtures and fitting

This Department includes, mucking out tools, buckets, wheelbarrows, tie hooks, electric fencing equipment etc.

Shires, Roma, Fynalite  Agrihealth and more.

Horse Shower